Our business is structured in three main schemes:

1. Rehabilitate-Operate–Transfer: This scheme involves the take-over of operational rights of the existing non-operational/degraded Thermal & Hydroelectric power plants in return for implementation of all necessary remedial actions using our own financial and technical capabilities to increase power capacity to minimum 150% of the initial design capacity within a maximum 6-months period. After all remedial implementations we operate and maintain the plant under a Power Purchase Agreement during the contract term. The rehabilitated plant which operates with the increased capacity during the operating term is consequently transferred back to the government at the end of the contract term in a fully performing status without any cost to the government.

2. Build- Operate-Transfer: This scheme includes development, financing, construction and operation of HFO/Natural gas plants with relocation of an active power station or construction of a new power plant supported by a Power Purchase Agreement. We are technically / financially capable of implementing heavy oil (HFO) and natural gas power plants with a minimum capacity of 5MW to 250MW. We can also assure the Government of a smooth and amicable transition period at the end of the contractual period of the BOT.

3. Replace-Operate-Transfer: This scheme involves the replacement of existing costly diesel fuel plants with less expensive heavy fuel oil (HFO) and / or natural gas as part of a Substitute-Exploitation PPP structure transfer, supported by a power purchase agreement. Reduce the total cost of electricity to about half of the existing plants in a period 45 or 120 days and under commercial operation guarantees with the use of our on-stock fuel engines / gas turbines.

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