This is a Public Private Partnership structure to; Development, financing, construction and operation of greenfield;

● HFO Power Plants
● Natural gas plants

Without upfront cost to the Government, we are technically and financially capable of implementing heavy oil (HFO) and natural gas power plants with a minimum capacity of 6MW to 250MW. Power plants will be transferred to the government at the end of the term of the contract without any cost.We guarantee worldwide commercial operation date of HFO containerized power plant up to 10 MW in 45 days with special designed containzerized units .  

Business model can be implemented to

For main grid locations to boost cheap power supply to satisfy increasing demand.
● Remote, isolated and small grid locations to avoid expensive diesel oil fuel electricity generation
● Captive power for large customers like factories, mining sites, ports etc.

Key advantages of the business model

● No upfront cost to host Government.
● Fast track, guaranteed time project completion.
● No transfer cost to host Government at the end of short BOT term.
● Eliminate the disadvantages of the existing remote, isolated and small grid locations due to cheap and high-quality electricity generation at consumer site.
● Eliminate construction of long transmission lines which are expensive and time consuming due to cheap and high-quality electricity generation on consumer site.
● Take advantage of the existing distribution network
● Maximize the fuel and fuel cost efficiency
● Maximize reliability of power generation.
● Stabilize grid dynamics
● Avoid grid blackouts
● Establishment of local workforce and repair shops.

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